The End

Time flies, the first blog was just happened yesterday, but the fact that this is the last blog for BCM class, finally come to week 10. As the generation Y are a very active media user, as we face computer more than 1 hours, but as a media user and a media student, this subject brought us to another point of view toward the new media today.

To be honest, doesn’t interested writing blog, blog is just not my cup of tea. But it’s another way to make us more understand about the topic and subject,  always remember the “Pink washing” and “Green washing”, where pink cancel campaign always make me think of pink washing. 

Where, surprising the white bread media doesn’t mean toast, we knew the media biased happened in Australia. Besides that, as a media student or the future citizen journalist, we should pay more at attention to the disability users. well, it’s give us the hidden part of making the iPhone, the process of making iPhone just so unexpected. 

Lastly, after attend this class; we know a lot different perspective from the technology today, I’m glad throughout the subject we get to know more detail and hidden story behind the media, especially for the media we always used. Thanks for the experience we have, we gained a lot knowledge. 


The Hidden Costs of Media

Nowadays, the development of technology allow us to use to access online source with free, and there are a lot media tools provide us to access to online. Let’s say if buying an iPhone cost you about 2.k plus, we just need to go to any of the iPhone stall and some other shop to purchase the iPhone, but what are the hidden cost? Could it be production fee?   

Well, this week required reading brought us to another point of view for the new technologies.  According to Maxwell and Miller (2012), beyond green consumption media grow rapid but planned cycles of innovation and obsolescence, the technology basically designed for the dump, because it so multifunction, it made people more lazy and seldom use our mind. The manufacturing consists of a tough story behind the cheap labor. Sweatshops refer to the bad working environment, under safety and dangerous circumstance. The sweatshop worker work for long hours and get very little pay.  According to cooper, “the Apple China workers are paid just £1.2 per hour to produce iPhone and iPad for the Apple at west, the factories covered in suicide nets to stop workers leaping to their death”. Apple is a well-known company and the Apple market share rapid growth for two years, I think Apple should have concerned for the manufactory, provided a better environment and better pay for the worker.    


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Global exchange, accessed 6/5/2013,  http://www.globalexchange.org/fairtrade/sweatfree/faq


Moderating the Conversation: Inclusive Dialogue in Online News

The global village today allows us to communicate to each other in the virtual world without face to face. Besides that, we are allowed more freedom of speech, to voice out our opinion in the virtual world. Well, because of the freedom of speech allow us to have more chance to voice out our opinion, in the reality, people might shy to talk to each other when they meeting each other, people might afraid not to voice out for the unfairness, but all this can solve in the virtual world, people can now talking to each other online, they can also speak out or complaining their unsatisfied toward the service or product.

Especially the popularity of social networking today, they are more social networking user compare to those day, according to Sterling (2013), he did the survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, it mention teenager use Facebook more than any other social media site, twitter and instagram increased their usage last year. The result shows the popularity of the Social networking user getting more from day by day.

As people say word huart people more than a physical hurt, we have right to speak out, but does the word harmless to people who we target to? Couldry (2009), argued that the reader have their right to read what is right or wrong for the content. He also mentioned an nothing worth “interactive” website, unless someone is someone listening to the process of interaction. So, does the conversation should moderated? I would say it’s depend , I would say it have mind when you commenting on personal post, like personal Facebook account or personal blog, because it’s a personal private zone, people are allow to voice out their own opinion. Meanwhile, when it’s come to organisation Fan page or Company website, the organisation itself can choose what to show to the public, as to maintain the reputation of the company, but I would say as a well known organisation, they might also need manage to accept the audience feedback, with a polite manner, this can be a better way to solve the problem instead of just deleted the post or ignore it, it’s seem to not respect to the audience, this will make the organization seems bad to the public.  Currently, they are a new job which just to work on the social networking, it’s seem an easy task, but it’s also seem as a customer service, it’s transparency, it’s needed more knowledge in term of playing the word.


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White bread media

White Bread Media is also known as “stereotyping” and racism in the color skin, this refer to the Australia media, the way media portray aboriginal culture was much affected to the Aboriginal race, this was happened of the incident of Taxis refuse drive Aboriginal actors, which lecture have shown the video during the lecturer. Without you knowing, we are born surrounding the Media, we have billboard on the roadside, we have commercial while we watching TV, we have all kind of media, media have playing a important role as a role model. The research argument on racism in the media, “media are central to both relatively unproblematic experience of “everyday multiculturalism” and to everyday experiences of racism in Australia”. ( Dreher, 2014). According to creative spirits website, although Australia given the freedom of speech, but “the journalist have to be responsible when they write about Aboriginal culture”,  the word “black” in general consider as racist, the racist headline online found and been removed after few minute, the journalist was guilty for the racial discrimination. I’m agree with the statement, no matter which country, the journalist have to be aware the word they use, although its might be a catchy heading, a great heading not only the word are attractive, it also consists code of ethic.



The you tube link to the SunriseOn7  , it’s have discussing the topic ” Is Australia racist?”, it’s show the result the majorities were agree with the statement.


Racist headline in The Australian. Aboriginal people believe this newspaper does not support their interests and uses the term ‘blacks’ in a derogative manner.
A lack of positive Aboriginal stories is prevalent throughout Australian newspapers.
sources from :

 According to Neoswabian, he was discussing two “Newsweek” cover in year 2010, where the 2 cover refer to two babies, he unhappy with the magazine, which they use one white baby and one black baby, the white baby with a decent face with the headline “is your Baby Racist?” which another cover with the black crying baby, with “Lesson of a National Shame” wording. This was offended to the black race, which they boycotted to the “News week”. From my point of view, black and white is a very sensitive issue topic, as a news professional reporter, they have to beware when choose a photo and write a heading, to be fair to all citizen.   Malaysia is a multinational country; the media should be neutral in the sense of reporting the news, racism is a very controversial topic to discuss in Malaysia. Malaysia is a multi-linguistic country, beside our national language “Malay language”, there are few common languages been used for Malaysia, therefore all the media reported have to be fair and neutral when they reporting to different race.  Media is a tool to communicate and to spread the news to other, as a media owner, they need to stand in the middle, put your foot on other people shoes, as confusion theory“ don’t do to other if you don’t want them to do to you”, we all are human being, we hate the feeling been treated unfair and been racist.


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Digital inclusion


No doubt the technology today is much more convenience for human being, we can accessed through online as everywhere as long as we have the connection and an accessible device. All this while, the technologies are trying making people in a comfortable and more flexible. It’s make people always stay at the comfortable zone, in the other way make people more lazy, back to few year time, we can shout out the people name using the phone, of course you need to do some adjustment for your contact setting. This was created easy for people to contact with somebody, nothing do with the disability peoples.

Obviously most of the technologies are design for the human being with a regular movement, according to Wagner, he mentioned many technologies closely connected to our body part, it has some difficulty for the disability and impairment, the disability and comprehensive technologies in mobile always been neglected by mainstream mobile communications providers, it highlighted in the case of blind consumers of mobiles. The mobile phones are so advance today, but just user friends human being, the mobile provider have neglect the niche market where the people disability. As now the mobile device are touch screen basis, but how it’s this work to people who have physical disability, they couldn’t even touch the device. Certainly, some of the technologies function did help the people with disability.

Especially for the smart phone device, Samsung smart device established the voice recognition for their camera function, now we can take photo without using our hand, by just saying “cheese, action or shoot”, these are the default sound, you can actually record your specific word in the mobile setting. This function same go to the music player, we can say “play, next or pause” to control, and we can just adjust the volume up or down. Even we can just close the alarm clock by shouting the “Stop”. As now the mobile device are much accessibility, this is actually benefit for those who have the physical disability, while they do not need to touch the phone just by using the mouth, but what about for those have speech impairment?

The research of Burgstahler mentioned the difficulty for the disability people to work, there are three areas of the problem can be found, “where the preparation of students with disabilities, access to the facilities/ programs, are them acceptance by educatorsm, employer and coworkers.” Beside they need to develop self-independence living skill, the technologies shouldn’t just convenience for a human with the regular human being, the society should concerned to them in order to create a better society with a lots care.


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Feudalisation of Internet

What is Wall garden?

According to pcmag website, it stated that wall garden “refers to a network or service that makes it difficult for user obtain applications or content from external sources”.

We live together in the cyber world around with the “wall garden”!! There are a lot CCTV everywhere, where we have been observed by the owner. According to Hillesley, he mentioned a walled garden has different authoritative for a company, especially when it monitoring the content access from a mobile device. Currently some company actually block social networking site for their own PC, most of the PC are actually monitoring for the administrated, it’s could be the boss or might be one of the HR department, the admin are allow the view all your email, observed your activity through your PC.

From the common example, as lecturer mentioned in class, “easy to create, but hard to removed it”, when you sign up for Facebook, you need to filled up your personal information, now you can easily create an account as how many as you like, but once you regret it, there are no way for you to delete it, you might just deactivated your account. Once you deactivated your account, but the data are remain there. The database of Facebook as a bigger storage, it store every single activities from every particular member.

“When we maintain record fragments on other, and through peer-produced social networking services like Facebook or MySpace share these records with thousands of others, or allow them to be indexed to create powerful mosaics of personal data, then exactly what the database is changes from one moment to the next—not simply in terms of its contents, but its very structure and scope” (Zittrain, 2008). Once the moment you sign up from internet, all the data been record, the system have all information from the day we sign up as a members.    Today, most of us have Google account, and it’s link to youtube, gmail, and so on, once you log in to Google account, it automatically log in to the rest of the account under Google, if  you log in to your android phone account with your existing account, it’s like everything synchronize with your phone, all the photo automatically save in your phone. I’ve encounter, I was so surprise the blog that I have deleted, there still there when I sign in my Google account for my Android phone.


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Universities in the digital age

Last week we attended the workshop by IBM, it regarding the contest of “the flexible workplace challenge”, as IBM try to practice mobility working place, where the employee can work at house without going to office. While, from the advancement of new media today, new Media play an important role for our life, same goes to our educational. From the traditional education, we used to bring along the text book, but the modern education allow us to just bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone, as long as it have internet access, we can read the “Book” everywhere.   

Nowadays, a lot of universities gradually transform their education to digital form, practice from paper to paperless,  back then it’s must to have a text book and some reference book, but today we can access all from online, it’s provide a platform where the student can download the lecturer note from institute website, the internet have so powerful and make a lot of changes for educational system.  According to Miller 2010, the research states that “one of the university’s responsibilities is to promote the achievement of knowledge in depth, What the World Wide Web provides is the opportunity to work with the most powerful media of our time on the project of making thought visible”. University play a role as provide a high education for student, meanwhile the internet now allow us to access information easily, as we no longer go to library for looking for the book, as we can always find “Professor Google”, some universities like University of Wollongong (UOW), actually provides the E-library for the student, where the student can access to E-book, the advantage for the student, it’s allow the student download Journal and get the sources for free, where the institution have pay for it.    

They are a lot “edu factory” where offer the Journal for the student, lecturer and Professor, Elsevier is a modern publishing, which provide Journal , book and online source. There were and issue academics boycotting Elsevier business practice, such as their journal prices are too high, their buldle sales system is a  profit device that sells unwanted journals and historically, Elsevier has supported legislation such as Research Work Act (RWA) that would hinder researchers’ and universities ability to support open access.”(Neylon, 2013). There are lots “open access source” for free download journal, why do we need to pay so much for the particular journal, I know it’s an acknowledgment for the Editors, but most of the student can’t afford to pay the expensive payment, they should give a special rate or free for the educational purpose, as the education should practice sharing. If it’s for corporate used, it might have a higher charge. Due to Arvanitakis 2009, he views that Education as a cultural commons, where something that we all share and can grow to expand creating a new form of biopolitical production. In the education perspectives, for usage of education should be free, where it allows the people to sharing their thought and their knowledge. Meanwhile, sharing their learning experience, “Sharing is Caring” for our society. 


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